Clever Era's strategy is centered around the concept of constructing a digital ecosystem, reminiscent of a well-balanced pedestal. Each brand within our portfolio acts as a crucial leg, supporting and reinforcing the collective growth and resilience of the entire structure. Through this holistic approach, we ensure that the success of one brand amplifies the strength and potential of the others, highlighting our dedication to collaborative progress and innovation.

Adult Fantasy

Adult Fantasy is a decentralized narrative protocol that enables community-driven creation and expansion of a shared narrative universe through incentives.

This approach allows for a bottom-up development of the universe where a wide range of creators can contribute their unique characters, storylines, and other elements, resulting in a diverse and dynamic world that maintains a consistent and adaptable canon.


Web3Comic-Con stands as the largest digital-only celebration in the Web3 pop-culture realm, uniting creators and fans.

This virtual event showcases the latest in blockchain culture through interactive sessions, expert panels, and workshops. It's a global gathering for learning, sharing, and networking within the Web3 community.

Digital Asset Grading

This patent pending technology introduces a novel approach to making digital collectibles, like images, videos, audio, and 3D objects, uniquely valuable by algorithmically aging them. This service adds distinctive features to digital assets, such as wear and tear or interactive elements, making each piece uniquely aged and graded.

This process not only enhances the collectibility of digital assets by giving them one-of-a-kind characteristics but also solves the problem of differentiating multiple reproductions of the same digital media.

Super Secret

Super Secret is an exclusive, invitation-only alliance of Web3 founders and innovators, forming a global network that remains largely under the radar. Membership is complimentary, and those invited join a community of peers at the forefront of Web3 development.

Within this alliance, members exchange advice, forge connections, and uncover partnership opportunities.

Lore Games

The Lore Games is a modern take on the traditional Hollywood writer's room, tailored for Web3 Entertainment and Media companies. It assembles a diverse team of top-notch writers and creative professionals, including artists, game designers, and TV creators, to help develop your intellectual property.

With our suite of tools, we guide clients from conceptualizing a broad universe down to detailed episode plots, covering every step of the lore creation process.