Decentralized storytelling heralds a new era in entertainment, marking a departure from traditional media production controlled by a single entity towards a collaborative model. Here, both creators and fans play a pivotal role in shaping narratives. This shift promises to transform the traditional dynamics between storytellers, their stories, and the audience, turning storytelling into a living, interactive experience.

Through this participatory approach, audiences evolve from passive observers to active contributors in the storytelling process. Stories are no longer just told; they are experienced and co-created, leading to a richer, more immersive narrative journey.

Clever Era is at the forefront of this change, pioneering a new chapter in digital storytelling where every participant contributes to the narrative's evolution.

Core Team

Melissa Wahnish

Co-Founder, Lead Developer


Entrepreneur and full-stack lead software engineer, Melissa has worked with a number of venture backed startups and firms.

She’s been a guest speaker at a variety of meetups and conferences including GORUCO and Flatiron School.

From 2013 - 2020, Melissa was the co-organizer of the “Ruby Roundtable” one of the oldest and longest-running Ruby meetups in NYC.

Flint The Barbarian

Senior Developer


Flint the Barbarian is an experienced developer in the games industry, with previous work as a full-stack engineer.

Flint earned a masters degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and brings cross-disciplinary experience in software engineering, art, and design to the team.

Dusty Schramm

Head of Strategy


Dusty is a former Analytical Chemist, that found himself burned out working for 'The Man'. Faced with the decision of choosing to take an RV to the desert or fully immersing in web3, he chose the latter as "Monkey Jpegs" seemed like the more profitable option.

Dusty specializes in data, market analytics, and market strategy.

Dusty is not a commie.

Todd Wahnish

Co-Founder, Product Lead


Todd is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and product specialist with over 25 years of experience in the traditional animation, toy and comic industries. He has contributed to the creation of original I.P. for renowned companies like Marvel Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Warner Bros., and Kid Robot. Todd has had the privilege of working directly with creative legends such as Stan Lee and Jeff Koons.

As a mentor and advisor, Todd has shared his expertise with entrepreneurs from some of the world's top startup institutions, incubators, and accelerators. These include the Thiel Fellowship, Techstars, the Startup Leadership Program, DePaul University, Columbia University, and NYU.