FREE MINT! Adult Fantasy: Mint Pass #1 (Ashcan Edition)

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Holders: June 21st, 9pm EST
Allowlist: June 28th, 9pm EST

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Holders: 3 Per AF S1
Allowlist: 1 Per Allowlist


WHAT: Free Mint For All Adult Fantasy Holders
WHAT: Free Mint For Allowlist Members
COMING IN JULY/AUG (subject to market conditions):
WHAT: Origin Comic #1 Featuring Dee-Void
1 Mintpass is valid to mint 1 Origin Comic #1.
7,200 unique ERC-721, “statically graded” NFT mints available!
Adult Fantasy Season 1 Holders: Each Adult Fantasy Season 1 Genesis NFT = 3 FREE Mint Passes (plus gas)!
"Collector's Set" holders and/or "Summoners": Each Adult Fantasy Season 1 Genesis NFT = 3 FREE Mint Passes (plus gas)! One FREE MINT will be a special MYTHIC Original Sketch Edition! This means that you will automatically receive access to one original sketch cover NFT and may also claim an original 1/1, signed, “traditional” Adult Fantasy sketch art commission from Todd, a Founder of Adult Fantasy and artist from Season 1!

As an additional exclusive perk, the original, physical art will be shipped to the holder if requested.

*You must hold a Primordial NFT in order to have a complete set.
Allowlist members: 1 reserved Mint Pass = 1 FREE Mint Pass (plus gas) per wallet!

Introducing Mint Pass #1: Ashcan Edition...A True Adult Fantasy Collectible.

A first for the NFT space, your Mint Pass will be a Limited Edition “Ashcan” release.

Your Mint Pass “Ashcan” NFT will unlock new layers of access to exclusive future releases and drops, as well as entry into upcoming giveaways, rewards, & more.

Mint Pass #1: Ashcan Edition
is not just a “placeholder” NFT used for the future redemption of Origin Comic #1. As a part of the Adult Fantasy “complete set” collection, Mint Pass #1: Ashcan Edition includes its own unique benefits, utility, and collectibility.

“Ashcan” editions are used to describe highly collectible, digest-sized prototypes and promotional materials produced and made available exclusively for collectors. Your Mint Pass “Ashcan” NFT will contain an exclusive “holders only” preview of the upcoming Origin Comic #1 release as well as other special goodies (more on this below)!

Let's Talk Rarity...

(Work-In-Progress. Final cover designs may vary. Click here to see a larger version of the image above.)

Mint Pass #1: Ashcan Edition will feature 5 unique variant covers, each within its' own limited quantity tier:

Rare Edition (Blue): Only 4,500 available!

Super Rare Edition (Red): Only 1,700 available!

Epic Edition (Yellow): Only 950 available!

Legendary Edition (Black): Only 50 available!

Mythic Edition (Original Sketch): Only ??? available!

Your Mint Pass “Ashcan” NFT will feature the first ever use of our “static grading” technology.

This means that each cover will be generated dynamically and will have it's own unique condition report and static grade at mint!

How does it work? On mint, each Ashcan NFT will randomly generate “damage” and will be assigned a grade value ranging from .5 to 10.0 based on its’ condition (.5 being “poor” condition, 10.0 being “Gem Mint” condition respectively). These grades will be unchanging, and permanently “static”.

What's Inside Mint Pass #1: Ashcan Edition?

Inside the mint pass Ashcan comic you'll discover an exclusive, behind-the-scenes preview of Origin Comic #1 (which will spotlight the upcoming first appearance of the character Dee Void).

You'll get a first look at the stunning artwork, a preview of the story, behind-the-scenes and making of process art examples, and insight into the never before seen history of Dee Void that spans 30 years (yes, really)!

How Can I Get Mint Pass #1: Ashcan Edition FOR FREE?

There are THREE ways to claim your FREE MINT.


Check out the Adult Fantasy collection on OpenSea now:


After the AF S1 holder claim period ends, the allowlist claim period will open. Allowlist registrants are entitled to 1 FREE MINT PASS (plus gas) per wallet. Each Mint Pass will be exchangeable for one Origin Comic #1 once the Origin Comic launch window opens. Any unreserved mints still available after the allowlist claim period ends will be minted and held by the Adult Fantasy community vault or burned.

Please note that in order to qualify for the allowlist you'll need to join as a member of our Discord and follow @adultfantasyNFT on Twitter. Simply click on the link below, head to the Premint website and join! 

*The allowlist will be first-come-first-serve!

Register for the Allowlist on PreMint now:


Those few who have managed to put together a complete genesis "collectors set" (ie. holding all 25 characters from season 1, including the Primordial card) or who have been selected to sit on the "summoners council" will automatically receive access to one Original Sketch cover NFT and may also claim an original 1/1, signed, “traditional” Adult Fantasy sketch art commission from Todd! As an additional perk, the original, physical art will be shipped to the holder if requested.

*Original sketch cover holders have 1 year to request & claim their 1/1 commissioned cover art sketch.

*Any remaining Mint Passes not claimed, minted, or purchased by the end of the Mint Pass free claim window will be minted by us and held in the Adult Fantasy community vault or burned.

*Please note: there WILL be a small supply of "Original Sketch Covers" available to non-Collectors Set holders & Summoners via the general mint, however only Collectors Set holders & Summoners will receive the original, physical art.

Introducing Origin Comic #1

Death, Destruction, Freedom...It All Starts With Origin Comic #1

Inspired by community members who have been invited to attended and participate in our weekly “Lore Games” events, Adult Fantasy Origin Comic #1 features the intolerable Dee-Void and signals the official kickoff of the Adult Fantasy Universe lore. The events that occur in Origin Comic #1 will directly affect future stories, characters, world-building gameplay...and more!

(Work-in-progress cover to "Origin Comic #1" by artist Avery Butterworth!)

Benefits of Collecting Origin Comic #1

The Origin Comic #1 NFT is the key to unlocking the next phase of Adult Fantasy.

Origin Comic #1 NFT will provide its' holder a wide variety of opportunity within the AF Universe. These opportunities include access to exclusive future releases and drops, as well as entry into upcoming giveaways, rewards, & more.

In addition, each collectible Origin Comic #1 NFT will be unique via a randomized “static grade” at the time of mint using our patent pending generative “aging” technology. How rare will your Origin Comic #1 NFT be?

How Can You Claim Origin Comic #1 For FREE?

We <3 our holders.

In order to reward AF holders for their trust, commitment and participation, first access to Origin Comic #1 will be granted to holders of our newly implemented “Mint Pass” claiming system.

Created as a method to help maintain fair NFT Drops, The Mint Pass claiming system is a community-first approach to NFT minting. Mint Passes reward project supporters by allowing them to reserve their desired number of Origin Comic #1 mints pre-drop. In addition, the Mint Pass claiming system helps to create a positive minting experience by eliminating the drop time door rush and associated gas wars that can occur from a highly anticipated release.

Upon the launch of Origin Comic #1, Mint Pass holders will have two options:

1. Hold their Ashcan Mint Pass as part of the complete Adult Fantasy “Set”
2. Redeem (burn) their Mint Pass in exchange for one Origin Comic #1

Each path contains certain benefits and rewards. To better understand these benefits, please check out the graph below:

(For a larger version of the graph above, click here...)


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Thank you for your consideration in supporting this mint! This would not be possible without the help of the AF community and our "Adults". We love you all!

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